Further notes
  • "Hard to find a good steak around here. Not like back home." (Complimenting his steak to the amnesiac Chris)
  • "Never thought I'd find Chris Redfield wasting away in a shithole like this." (Stopping Chris from harming the bar's watchman)
  • "You really don't remember anything, do you?"
  • "You can't hide from your past, Chris. No matter where you go or what you do."
  • "OK... You don't remember me? Well, how about them?"
  • "Look... I said LOOK! Those were your men! Men who died under your command! You owe it to them to remember, Chris! If you walk away now, then this was all for nothing!" (Forcing Chris to remember his past)
  • "Damn it! Six months of searching for you and this is what I find!"
  • "What happened to the legendary Chris Redfield, huh?! What happened to you?!"
  • "It's where you belong. Everyone's waiting."
  • "We're taking you back, Captain. One way or another." (After Chris regains bits of his memories)
  • "I'm right there with you Captain, but your personal vendetta isn't going to get us anywhere!"
  • "Bullets don't even faze them! These ain't our normal-class enemy."
  • "Nobody's expendable."
  • "Enemy reinforcements are moving in! Finn, I need you here!"
  • "I don't care if you have to drag him, just get your butts up here!"
  • "Who are you?" (To Carla Radames)
  • "Ma'am, please. Just try to stay out of the way." (Retorting to Carla's subtle mock)
  • "The woman - she's gone." (After being lured into Carla's trap)
  • "Roger that. Preparing to drop on the Eight of Clubs. We'll make our way to Ace of Spades and find those U.N. workers."
  • "C'mon. Our target is head."
  • "Piers to HQ! We've made contact with J'avo! It's the same kind we dealt with back in Edonia!"
  • "You know, I figured you'd be a little rusty, but it looks like all that training's kicking right in."
  • "No problem, Captain."
  • "HQ, we've encountered a Type 5 mutation!"
  • "How many of these assholes do we have to kill?!"
  • "Captain, wait!"
  • "What the hell were you thinking, pulling a kamikaze stunt like that?" (Scolding Chris)
  • "Do you even hear yourself?"
  • "You heard the man. Let's move."
  • "Where are you, you son of a bitch?" (Searching the Iluzija)
  • "I'm right there with you Captain, but your personal vendetta isn't going to get us anywhere!"
  • "If you hadn't been blinded by vengeance, we could have prevented some of those deaths."
  • "I feel sorry for all the men that died believing in you."
  • "What happened to the legendary Chris Redfield, huh?! What happened to you?!" (Confronting Chris of his personality alteration)
  • "It's a good thing Finn's not around to see you this way."
  • "As long as you don't cross the line again, that won't be a problem. Ada's just playing with you. When are you going to realize that?"
  • "You think this is where they've been developing the C-Virus?"
  • "I won't!" (After Chris ordered him not to lose track of Carla)
  • "I'm the best driver the BSAA got!" (During the highway chase with Carla)
  • "So these are Neo-Umbrella's finest huh?" (Encountering Neo-Umbrella J'avo)
  • "It's Ada!"
  • "Dammit, she's toying with us!" (Seeing "Ada" escaped them again)
  • "This looks like a different strain. There are two missing."
  • "This is makin' me seasick. You think this tub's gonna last much longer?"
  • "One plane against an entire carrier? Does that even sound possible?"
  • "Never better, Captain!"
  • "Hey, Captain, the odds are a little uneven down here! A little help?!"
  • "There's irony for you. A man who spent his entire life trying to destroy the world, and now.... His son is the only one who can save it."
  • "Like I said, irony."
  • "What!? Wait a minute-"
  • "I... I don't think I'm ready for that." (When Chris appointed him to become the new captain once Chris retires)
  • "Who the hell had the funding to build something like this?"
  • "We gotta get out of here and warn HQ."
  • "Ya know, you didn't have to put yourself on the line like that. Wesker deserved what he got. You did what was right - you kept this world safe."
  • "Well, I'll tell ya this much. I can't say I've lacked for adventure working with you."
  • "Your friend's a little unpredictable, isn't he? Must make it hard to rely on him. Not that the Captain's been a walk in the park lately."
  • "Good point."
  • "Ya know, it's a good thing for you ya didn't kill the Captain back there. Otherwise, you'd be dead right now. You can't imagine my delight at having to escort your ass outta here."
  • "I don't trust you, and I don't like you."
  • "Jesus! The missiles were only a distraction then!"
  • "I've been better!"
  • "You got to be kidding me, that thing is still alive?"
  • "I'm sorry... Captain... I did it for the BSAA... For the future!"
  • "As long as you-"
  • "Just go!" (To Chris)