The pillar corridor (柱のある廊下 Hashira no aru rōka?)[1][2] is an area of the Spencer Mansion.


It is a L-shaped corridor that is brighten up the lamps on the wall, with a pillar placed on the turn. The corridor mainly connects the u-shaped corridor to the attic landing. In the remake, carpets are added on the floor in which the original Resident Evil that had featured a solid tiles floor.


In either the original and remake version of Resident Evil, player can find two green herbs near the pillar.

Bravo Team officer Richard Aiken will be found wounded in this corridor after being attacked by a giant snake inside the attic. In either Chris or Jill's scenarios, the player must return to the west storeroom to obtain the Serum.

Richard's fate


  • Richard will eventually die from his wounds despite bringing him the serum in time. Before dying, Richard will the player a radio. A handgun clip can be collected later from his body.


  • Richard will die if player does not deliver the serum in time.
  • In Chris' scenario, after saving Richard here, he will sacrifice himself to save Chris inside the B1F Aqua Ring from the Neptune.
  • In Jill's scenario, after treating Richard wounds with the serum, he will give Jill a radio before resting on the floor. Later, Richard will sacrifice himself to save Jill inside the attic from the yawn's attack.

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Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Checking on Richard Richard is dead.
Resident Evil (2002)
After treating Richard Richard is resting peacefully. You should probably just leave him alone for now.
Richard Aiken (If player did not get the serum on time) Richard is already dead. If only you'd gotten that serum in time!








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