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DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of Anderson's Films)

Pinto was an Umbrella employee who had survived the 2002 global T-virus pandemic.


Pinto survived in Umbrella's underground Nevada outpost for five years under the command of Captain Alexander Slater. Sometime in 2007 she was assigned by Dr. Isaacs to take part in a mission to Las Vegas, where they were to apprehend Alice Abernathy. After problems with their satellite uplink, Pinto gained access to the "Alice-cam", where she realised Alice was standing right in front of their tent. When a soldier was hit with a kukri, he fell down and shot Pinto dead.[1]

Further notes

"Pinto" is based on the "Umbrella Tech" character from the film, though is now female.


  1. DeCandido, Extinction, Chapter Twenty-Six.

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