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Further notes

Resident Evil ZeroEdit

The following is a translated adaptation of a hitset chart found in the Biohazard 0 KAITAISHINSHO guide. It describes how much damage each weapon does to the enemy and, bracketed, how many times the attack should be performed using only that weapon in order to kill.

Number of attacks and the amount of damage required to kill for each weapon
Type of weapon
The amount of amage and number of attacks required to kill
Close range Mid-range Long range Very long range
Handgun Normal 17(7~9) 15(8~10) 13(9~12) 3(10~14)
Handgun Custom 22(5~7) 19(6~8) 16(7~10) 5(22~30)
Shotgun 70(2~3) 49(3~4) 35(4~5) 10(11~15)
Molotov Cocktail
Direct hit:70(2~3)、Blast:50(3)
Grenade Launcher Grenade Rounds
Direct hit:110(1~2), Blast:22(5~7)
Grenade Launcher Flame Rounds
Direct hit:200(1), Blast:40(3~4)
Grenade Launcher Acid Rounds
Direct hit:110(1~2), Blast: 11(10~4)
Magnum 400(1) 360(1) 320(1) 100(2)
Magnum Revolver
Direct hit:600(1, Post-penetration: 200(1)
Sub-machine Gun
Rocket Launcher

Resident Evil: The Darkside ChroniclesEdit

They are featured as an enemy in the Operation Javier scenario.


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