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Playing Manual 1 is a file in Resident Evil 4.


Leon starts with this in his inventory.


The following transcript comes from the original GameCube release of Resident Evil 4 and, as such, follows the button layout of its controller. Later releases modified the file to include the appropriate control instructions for the platform it was released on.

Playing Manual 1

1. Shooting - Hold down the R Button then use the Control Stick to aim the laser sight.

2. Combat Knife - Press and hold the L Button to ready your knife then press the A Button to swing the weapon.

3. Action Button - You'll be able to perform carious actions by pressing the appropriate buttons that appear on the screen.

4. Camera - You can change the camera angle by moving the C-Stick.

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.


The manual describes basic control.


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