The Playroom (遊戯室 Yūgi-shitsu?) is an area of the New Miel Church on Sheena Island.[1]


The room contains a bullseye at front, a pinball machine on the left side along with an arcade game machine. On the right side of the room contains couple of chairs.


Upon entering, a scene plays while still in first view of the character simply looks left and right around the room.

There is one zombie in the room. The Church manager's diary can be found in this room,[2] positioned on the table on the left. A Green Herb can also be found near the arcade machines.


Location Localization Original script
The small shelf It appears to be a magazine for young people.
The pinball machine A pinball machine. Why would it be in a church?
Any of the arcade machines An arcade game machine. There is no power for it.




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