Points is a counter present in many Resident Evil games. In some cases, they are collected over a period of time and cane be spent. Other times they act as grades and do not carry over.

Spending PointsEdit

Resident Evil 3: NemesisEdit

In the minigame The Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal, after each completion of the game the player earns points. These points can be used to buy weapons in the maingame.

Resident Evil 4Edit

Throughout the main game and Separate Ways, the player can find money in the form of Pesetas. When the player encounters the Merchant, they can buy weapons, aid sprays, treasures maps, and weapon upgrades. The player also has the option to sell their unwanted items and treasure items they have found for more pesetas.

Resident Evil 5Edit

Like pesetas, the player can find Gold throughout the main game. In between chapters, the player can buy weapons and items and sell their unwanted items and treasures.

The player can also earn Exchange Points. These are awarded at the end of each chapter based on the difficlty and player preformance. These can be used to buy extras such as screen filters, costumes, and figurines.

Resident Evil 6Edit

Throughout the main game, the player can find Skill Points. Like money in that it can be dropped by enemies and literally picked up from the ground, the player can use these to buy character upgrades. These upgrades include perks such as extra health or stamina, or faster reloading.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesEdit

Points in the form of stars are earned after completing a scenario based on the player's preformance. The star points are only used to upgrade weapons' ammo reserve, capacity, and fire power in that order. Once the player achieves all S ranks on Hard setting, the player can start buying infinite ammo for all weapons.

Resident Evil: The Darkside ChroniclesEdit

During gameplay, the player can come across money (which is uses G for a price sign) when defeating enemies or shooting the environment. The player can bounce around coins on screen to make them more valuable. Money is only spent ot upgrade guns.

Resident Evil Outbreak File 1 & 2Edit

Points can be earned by finished a scenario. The number of points awarded are based on a number of things such clear time, survivors, and SP items found. The points earned can then be spent on items in the Collection. Once unlocked to purchasing, points can by characters to play, artwork, BGM to listen to, cutscenes to watch, and play other modes like Very Hard Mode or Lone Wolf Mode.

Cosmetic PointsEdit

Resident Evil 4Edit

While player at the Shooting Range, the player earns points each round and is shown their total. The points do not carry over and can not be used on anything. However, earning a high enough score will reward the player with a Bottlecap.

In the Mercenaries minigame. Each round the player earns points and a grade. Only by getting a S rank with all characters on all stages will the player unlock the Handcannon in the maingame.

Resident Evil 5Edit

Again points are eanred in the Mercenaries mode. While these points will unlock nothing, the player will earn Exchange Points from playing.

Exclusive to the DLC missions, the player can find and shoot emblems for Star Points. These points will add up and give the player a grade at the end.

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