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"Police Chief" was the chief of Harvardville Airport's security police.


He assisted Ron Davis' two bodyguards in escorting and protecting the senator as he left the airport, and arrested a demonstrator wearing a zombie mask, later he tried to arrest Claire Redfield because she was involved with this story. He saw a second demonstrator and tried to arrest him, too, only to discover too late that this man was a real zombie.

Police Chief Zombie


The officer had no time to react before the zombie swung around and bit him in the throat. He died instantly. Moments later, he returned to life as a zombie and joined the rest of the undead in attacking and killing innocent bystanders as well as Senator Davis' bodyguards. He is later shot in the head by Greg Glenn when he helps evacuate survivors from the airport.


Further notesEdit

  • The patch on his uniform states he is a member of "HV Air Police."


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