The storage shed (物置小屋 monookigoya?)[1] is an area of Raccoon Street feature in Resident Evil 2. This room contains a Typewriter.


It is a small cabin that separate the rear parking lot and another external area of the Raccoon City Police Department.


In scenario A, an ink ribbon and the valve can be found here near the typewriter. In scenario B, player can find an ink ribbon, the valve and handgun ammo instead. When the player attempt to open the back door, it will trigger a scene where few zombies entering this room. As a result, the Rear Parking Lot cannot be accessed.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
Hardware to the right side Nothing special.
Hardware at the right-hand side It doesn't appear to have been used much.
Hardware at front It probably hasn't been working for some time.
Door to rear parking lot (after triggering the cutscene of two zombies entering) It's too dangerous to go back ouside...!!




  1. Tahara (ed.), Official Guide Book, p.77.

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