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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

David Anderson was a law enforcement deputy in the state of Louisiana. He was attached to the police department representing Dulvey Parish.

Biography Edit

In 2017, Anderson was ordered to patrol the area around the bayou following a series of disappearances. Reaching the Dulvey Haunted House, he met Ethan Winters, who warned him to leave the area at once. Not understanding the nature of his warning, Anderson insisted Ethan calm down and explain the situation, skeptical of his story of a group of serial killers in the house. The deputy ordered Ethan to meet him in the garage, and Ethan agreed before demanding that Anderson give him his gun so that he could defend himself. Although Anderson refused to surrender his sidearm, he did pass Ethan a pocket knife through the window.

Upon meeting up with Ethan in the garage, Anderson dismissed Ethan's attempt to convince him to immediately flee the house together and instead began questioning him. Anderson demanded to know why Ethan was in the house in the middle of night, still not convinced of any danger. As Ethan tried to explain to him the situation in detail, the garage door through which the deputy had entered the building began to close. Anderson panicked, placing his hand near his handgun and demanding that Ethan open the door, believing it to be a trap he set up. As a result, Anderson did not notice Jack Baker enter through the door behind him. Jack then drove a snow shovel through Anderson's head from behind, partially decapitating him and killing him instantly.

Ethan later finds Anderson's corpse in a dissection room in the basement, hung on a meat hook and left covered in black fungal mold - apparently in the process of being converted into a Molded. Ethan watched from hiding as Jack told the corpse that it would help him take care of Ethan.

A few hours later, Lucas Baker completely removed the remains of Anderson's head, and placed it inside the refrigerator in the trailer outside the house as a message to Ethan. A note pinned to the back of the head leads Ethan back to the basement dissection room, where signs left by Lucas encourage Ethan to force his hand down Anderson's severed neck in order to retrieve a key from the corpse's throat.

Further notesEdit

  • Anderson's name is only mention in the ending credits. In the game, he is only referred to by his occupation.
  • According to Lucas, Anderson was repeatedly bothering the Bakers family with his investigation, exclaiming "Goddamn it, I bet it's the cop again.".
  • Ethan can interact with his corpse in the dissection room, pitying Anderson's death.
  • Due to Japanese censorship regarding decapitation, Anderson's head isn't in the fridge when Ethan inspects it. Instead, a polaroid of Anderson struck with a red cross is inside the fridge. In addition, Ethan will simply find the Snake Key near Anderson's intact corpse instead of stuffing his hand down his decapitated throat to retrieve it, for the same reason.

Gallery Edit


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