The Power Station is a location for Resident Evil 5, which featured the first appearance of Majini wielding firearms in Chapter 5-2. It is advisable that the player buys a bulletproof vest at this point.


Player can go forward and come into a small room with few crates that can be broken to obtain random items. Next, player can head to the door and introduce with the Base Majini.

Player can go downstairs and battles three Majini first. There will be another Majini who will through the door. A green herb can be found placed on one of the crates.

Head toward the next door, where player came into a large area. Player can take cover by using the crates to prevent being shot or attacked by multiples Majini. There's a crate that can be broken which contain Machine Gun Ammo. Before heading to the next area, player can go toward a small corridor and smash two crates to find a Red herb.

Once player proceed toward the next area, there will be a checkpoints. A green herb can be found on the corridor. Player will have to battle a horde of Majini in order to pass to get toward the elevator safely. There will few explosive gases that can be shooting in this area.

The elevator will lead down toward the Experimental Facility Passage. A cutscene will played inside the elevator.