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Power room passage B (動力室通路B?)[1] is an area on the Arklay Laboratory's B3 level.


This is the second power room passage ventured, the door to the main power room can be located at the far end.


In both of the original 1996 Resident Evil or its 2002 remake, the final Pass Code 03 can be obtained here using a MO Disk at the pass code machine. Three chimera are present in this area as enemies.


Resident Evil (2002)
Location Localization Original script
Passcode transmission A security system passcode transmission device. If you had an MO Disk, you could transmit the passcode to the system...
Passcode transmission (After obtaining the passcode) Transmitting the passcode seems to have unlocked something...




  1. Takeo, Inside of BIO-HAZARD, p.111

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