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Pray -Theme Song- (Original Ver.)

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Pray -Theme Song- (Original Ver.) is a song which was written for Resident Evil 5. A non-vocal remix version is used as Chris Redfield's theme in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

Music information

The lyrics were written by Japanese composer Kota Suzuki, which were translated into English by Miguel E. Corti. The translated lyrics were sung by Oulimata Niang.


When dark days came to us,
we found no haven or escape.
All our prayers go unanswered, to take away this fear within,
Our screams shake this tear stained land,
Our souls have been stripped bare. Can madness be the only cure?
Even death is no respite from all this pain, our worldly plight.
When will we see heaven's light?
I think of you whenever a bell tolls.
If I tell your tale, will this pain cease?
For I pray for tempest tossed, lost souls.
Eternal sleep is where you find true peace.

In-game usage

It is featured in the ending credits.


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