The preparation room (準備室?)[1] was a room in the Military Training Center on Rockfort Island.


It is a room that contains files, documents, a lab coat that is hung up, board posts and few cages.


No enemies are faced here during the first visit. A bow gun and a memo can be found on the desk, next to the cages. The player cannot enter the Biological lab since Claire doesn't know the pass numbers needed to unlock the door.

Next, a cutscene will trigger showing a researcher being killed by a Bandersnatch inside the lab.


Location Localization Original script
Small desk Stationery and related supplies. There is nothing useful here.
Shelf There is nothing useful here.
After taking the Bow Gun There is a file.
Cages It's a blood stain... Were they conducting animal experiments here?
Door to the Biological Laboratory Emergency... Door lock system activating... The door says "Bioexperiment Room". Abnormal air... I can't enter the pass number.
Looking through the mirror There appears to be no one around... A red picture is hanging in the back. I can't see the number from here.




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