Pride and Valor is a cutscene in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This cutscene plays when Jill has exited the rear carriage of the tram. Mikhail will fight with Nemesis, but the overwhelming powerful monster knocks out Mikhail. Mikhail pulls the pin on a Hand Grenade and explodes himself and Nemesis, though Nemesis is only thrown from the train car.


  • (Mikhail is firing at Nemesis while backing up, Nemesis advancing toward him.)

Mikhail Victor: Come on! Come on!

  • (Mikhail's gun runs out of ammo and Nemesis knocks him into the side window and falls onto the seats. Mikhail tries to reach for his gun, but Nemesis grabs him and throws him onto the floor, stomach first.)

Mikhail Victor: No...Just...a little closer...

  • (Nemesis raises a hand, a tentacle shooting out of his wrist as he walks to Mikhail, who rolls onto his back to reveal a grenade.)

Mikhail Victor: (a trickle of blood is coming from his mouth.) You lose... (Pulls the pin.)

  • (A few seconds later, the trolley is wracked with explosions, and Nemesis is thrown out the back window on fire.)

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