The prisoner management office is a room in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.[1] It is the starting point for Claire Redfield.


A small office with an adjoining prison cell designed to detain and monitor Umbrella prisoners. During the H.C.F.'s attack on Rockfort Island, power to the area is severed and the office is enveloped in darkness.


Upon starting the game, the player begins in the darkened cell with a message prompting them to equip the Lighter. The player is then brought to the inventory screen.

Equipping the Lighter will trigger a cutscene where Rodrigo frees Claire from her cell. The player resumes control standing outside of the prison cell.

A Green Herb can be found inside of the cell in the far right corner. There is a box of Handgun Bullets on a chair outside of the cell, and a Combat Knife on the desk.

The door next to the desk leads to the prisoner management office corridor.

After obtaining Hemostatic

Once the player has found the Hemostatic in the break room, returning to the office with it in the inventory will trigger another cutscene between Claire and Rodrigo. She will give him the medicine and her lighter in exchange for the Lockpick.


Location Localization Original script
Cell door If I were equipped with a lighter, I could see outside... ライターを装備すれば
Any examinable area without the Lighter equipped It's too dark to make out anything.
Floor by the chairs (Lighter required) There are hairs scattered here.
Hemostatic (Lighter required) A hemostatic capsule is on the floor. It's empty.
Clipboard on the desk (Lighter required) It's a list of prisoners. My name is at the end.
Claire Redfield
The escort's name is at the end of the document.
Umbrella Medical, Paris.
3rd Security Unit Leader
Rodrigo Juan Raval
Rodrigo (Lighter required) His eyes are closed. He's bleeding. I'll need hemostatic medicine... 眼を閉じている


Rodrigo (after receiving the Hemostatic) He seems to be in great pain. I shouldn't talk to him.






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