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The prisoner management office corridor is a room in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.[1]


It is an L-shaped corridor, connecting the prison management office to the cemetery area. Cockroaches crawl around parts of the hall.


There is an Ink Ribbon (with only one use) on the counter top. It can be used with the Typewriter adjacent to it. A box of Handgun Bullets can be found on the floor at the foot of the counter.

The stairs at the far end of the passage lead to the Cemetery. A special room transition will trigger the first time the player ascends the stairway.


Location Localization Original script
The typewriter (without the ink ribbon) An old typewriter. I could save my progress if I had an ink ribbon.
The typewriter (with the ink ribbon) You can save your progress with this. Use an ink ribbon? Yes/No




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