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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Private Anti-Biohazard Service an international civilian anti-biohazard and anti-bioterrorism force specially equipped and trained to handle abnormal biological threats to the general population in response to the exposure of the illicit experiments done by the Umbrella Corporation.

In 2003, the Russian branch of the unit was deployed by the Russian Government to the Caucasus Laboratory, with the objective to shut the facility down and gather enough evidence to bring Umbrella's officials to justice at the trial. With the behind-the-scenes assistance of Albert Wesker, the team succeeded.


As a special task force, they were required to use military grade weaponry and equipment. They wore kevlar vests and helmets along with a full arsenal of tactical vests and gear. They were armed with TMP SMG's, and were transported using MI-24 Hind gunships. They all carried tactical radios.

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