Professional mode is a degree of extremely hard difficulty, featured in Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. It is a challenge even to skilled Players and Veterans, and should not be taken lightly in most cases. In RE5 and RE6, Professional Mode functions as a "Very Hard" difficulty.

In Resident Evil 4 Edit

Successfully beating the game once on the default Normal mode will unlock several new features, among them Professional mode. You must begin a new game to play it; you cannot reload a finished game on Normal and switch. The most notable features of Professional mode are as follows:

  • All enemies have increased health, as well as a higher resistance to weapons;
  • Enemy attack power and AI is increased: they will attack faster and move faster towards the player;
  • Ammo drops from enemies are less common and are replaced by money (in addition the money dropped is slightly higher than in the other modes);
  • All button prompts require quicker reactions and more pushes;
  • In Chapter 5-4, after defeating krauser, Mike will assist the player seldomly. 
  • In all re-releases following the Gamecube version, the Tactical Vest is not available on the first playthrough of Professional mode.

Completing Professional mode unlocks the Infinite Rocket Launcher and Matilda, as well as the P.R.L. 412 (apart from the Gamecube version, which does not feature the weapon).

In Resident Evil 5 Edit

Successfully beating the game on Veteran mode will unlock Professional mode. However, because of the addition of Veteran mode, Professional mode is made a much bigger challenge than ever before. Thankfully, all of your inventory items and money are carried over; attempting this mode from scratch is nearly impossible. New and challenging features include:

  • Enemies stagger much less. It only takes a second or two for a KO'd enemy to stand up again;
  • Enemies melee weapon attacks inflict ten times the amount of damage, making virtually any attack inflict dying status, even when using the Melee Vest. Hand-to-hand attacks are less severe, but are still dangerous;
  • When in Dying status, the player has less than 3 seconds to be revived/revive your partner;
  • You inflict only 85% of usual damage;
  • In single player games, enemies like the The Majini will target only you; ignoring your AI partner throughout the majority of the gameplay, and is only targeted in certain situations. For example, on Chapter 4-2 the worship area, the AI Sheva is needed to retrieve one of the slates in order to continue navigating the area successfully, however, the enemy will attack (and more likely kill) your partner.
  • All fixed ammo/grenade placements on the map are deleted, but healing items stay;
  • Herbs are no longer dropped by enemies. They are all replaced by money/ammo;
  • Button prompts require quicker reaction time and more complicated combinations, as well as instant failure upon pressing the wrong button.
  • All money picked up is doubled in value (e.g. Gold Bars are worth 6,000 compared to the usual 3,000)
  • An entire run in this mode will earn the player more than twice the amount of money earned in the less difficult modes, seeing that enemies mostly drop money.

In Resident Evil 6 Edit

Professional mode is unlocked by default in Resident Evil 6 after the December 17th, 2012 update, it also brought a new, harder difficulty to the game called No Hope.

The challenges featured in Resident Evil 6's Professional mode are roughly the same as in Resident Evil 5, more or less.

In Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Edit

Successfully beating Not a Hero on normal mode will unlock Professional mode for that expansion.