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Project ✕ Zone‏‎ (プロジェクト クロスゾーン Purojekuto Kurosu Zōn?) is a crossover tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS co-developed by Banpresto and Monolith Soft and published by Namco Bandai Games. The game is a follow up to the 2005 video game Namco ✕ Capcom and features characters from Namco Bandai Games, Capcom, and Sega. The game was released on October 11, 2012 in Japan; June 25, 2013 in North America; and July 5, 2013 in Europe.




  • Chris Redfield - playable
  • Jill Valentine - playable
  • Nemesis T-Type - NPC enemy
  • Hunter - NPC enemy
  • Ooze - NPC enemy
  • Tyrant T-002 - NPC enemy


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