The Projection room (映写室 Eisha-shitsu?) is an area of the movie theater on Sheena Island.[1]


A projector can be seen on this room. A small room contains various files and slides.


Upon entering, while still in first person view, the character will pause and look left and right around the room. There is one zombie, the Report on destroyed Raccoon City, and the 35mm Film in the back room. Picking up the film and then walking to the left side of the projector will use the film. The message "You've placed a 35mm film." will be display and then a scene of the projector turning on.


Location Localization Original script
The locker There's nothing special in the locker.
The cabinet Filming equipment is placed here.
The projector This is a used projector. There is no film in it.
The projector after using the film The film is running.
The poster in the back room It appears to be a French movie poster.
The film editors This is broken editing equipment
The reels Various films are placed here.




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