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Further notes

The Proto Tyrant has an HP value of 300, in comparison to Billy and Rebecca's 250 and 150, respectively.[1][2]


The Proto Tyrant is capable of five unique combat moves in 2003's Resident Evil Zero.

Note: All names are provided by the biohazard 0 KAITAISHINSHO guide.[1]

Move Damage Description/Notes
Swing down (振り下ろし Furi oroshi?) 28x2
Slap (平手打ち Hirateuchi?) 15
Cleave (なぎ払い Nagiharai?) 20
Dash attack (ダッシュ攻撃 Dasshu kōgeki?) 40
Piercing (突き刺し Tsukisashi?) 28 or Instant Death

Bibliography Edit


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