File:Darkside Chronicles cutscene - Pursuit

Pursuit is a cutscene in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. It is played during the fifth chapter of "Game of Oblivion".


Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside make their way to the airplane room and prepare to leave Rockfort Island, Claire feels that something is wrong but Steve calls her to rush, as she walks away, Albert Wesker gloved hands are seen as he is holding his S.T.A.R.S. Knife and exclaiming that he knew she would lead him to the truth. As Steve is piloting the airplane, Alfred follows them by another plane and says that his plane is now back on track especially since they've taken his plane which will prove for more entertainment to him, meanwhile the airplane which Steve and Claire are in changes to Auto pilot mode and Steve is unable to control it. something grabs onto the airplane and Steve mentions that something is stuck to the pontoon, Claire goes to investigate in the cargo room.


Alarm Announcer: CODE Veronica in progress..
Steve: It's a way off this island.
Claire: Wait.. something is wrong here..
Steve: We don't have time, lets go!
Alarm Announcer: CODE Veronica in progress..
Open gate 2B for take off.
Albert: heheh I knew you would lead me to the truth.
Steve: Okay.. now we get the hell off this damned island.
Wohoo! we're finally free!
Airplane voice: Autopilot activated.
Steve: what? what the hell is going on?!
Alfred: Thanks to you my plan is now back on track. Though you've taken my plane, it will only prove for more entertainment hehehe!
Claire: What was that?!
Steve: Something is stuck to the pontoon!
Claire: I'll go back to the cargo room and take a look!

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