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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
Quad Tower
Quad Tower
Location:Tatchi district, Lanshiang, China

The Quad Tower was a four-towered skyscraper complex in the Tatchi district of Lanshiang.


The tower was the hub for Neo Umbrella's experiments in China, save for their underwater facility; its location was chosen because of the thousands of people living in and around the Tatchi distinct, who could be used as test-subjects for the C-Virus.[1]

Carla Radames' personal lab (or at least one of them) was located inside the tower.

During the Lanshiang bioterror outbreak, the BSAA Echo Team was assigned to protect the district's citizens, should the J'avo move into the area. This was made complicated when the gaseous form of the C-Virus was released into the district, with many of the citizens transforming into zombies. The few remaining BSAA operatives pressed towards the tower, expecting to receive backup when reaching there. However, by the end of the ordeal only the American agents Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper reached the tower, with a single BSAA operative driving into the complex, to be killed later in a fight with Derek C. Simmons.[2] The tower was damaged even more as Simmons' mutated forms continue to pursue Leon and Helena to the rooftop.

Later that night, Ada Wong infiltrated the lab in order to destroy it all. She also killed Carla's "greatest creation yet" before it could hatch from its cocoon.

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