Leon QS

Leon performs a quick shot on a Zombie.

Quick Shot is a command introduced in Resident Evil 6.


Platform Default Input
PlayStation3, PlayStation 4 L2 + R2
XBOX 360, XBOX ONE Left trigger + Right Trigger


Quick Shots can only be used by regular characters with all weapons except not throwing weapons, the Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, and can not be used the creatures available in Agent Hunt.

Performed by pressing both triggers to "aim" and "fire" simultaneously, quick shots will make the character home in on the nearest enemy attack with their currently equipped weapon. These attacks usually have a higher chance of a stunning and or knocking down enemies, as well as making close by enemies flinch regardless if they were targeted. This consumes one bar of the combat gauge and it can not be performed if the gauge is depleted. Most quick shots leave the characters in a brief recovery state where they can not move or continue shooting.

Aesthetic wise, most characters' unique weapons in Campaign mode have unique quick shot attacks to accentuate their character. However, the attacks are purely based on the weapon, as other character will use the same attacks the those weapon in Extra Content modes.


  • The Picador, Nine-Oh-Nine (909), Shotgun, Assault Shotgun, all three sniper rifles and both magnums all share a standard attack involving firing one bullet.
  • The Ammo Box 50, Assault Rifle for Special Tactics, and Assault Rifle RN will fire three bullets
  • The Wing Shooter in single mode uses the standard quick shot. In duel wield mode, the player can fire up to five times in succession and only consume two bars of stamina. He switches targets for each shot, with the last shot being delivered from both of his Handgun and also knocking the enemy back. 
  • Hydra: When Helena is able to perform evasive movements three times while firing the weapon and immediately reloading it after the final shot. Her quick shot movements can change depending on the situation.
  • MP-AF & Triple Shot: One bullet in single fire mode, three fired horizontally in burst mode.
  • Bear Commander: Three shots in fire mode. Will fire a grenade in grenade launcher mode, unlike the regular Grenade Launcher which doesn't have a quick shot attack.
  • Survival Knife: Horizontal swing while moving forward.
  • Combat Knife: two swings in a succession towards an enemy. When hit by either one of the swings, the enemy will be stunned.
  • Hand-to-hand: Jake will dash forward a short distance and deliver an upper palm attack. Continuing to use the attack button will continue into his usual combo moves.
  • Stun Rod: Sherry will lunge forward and do a quick spin attack. Usually stuns the enemy if hit.
  • Crossbow: the character will perform a back flip and then automatically reloads.