Leon QS

Leon performs a quick shot on a Zombie.

Quick Shot is a new mechanic introduced in Resident Evil 6.

Performed by pressing both triggers to "aim" and "fire" simultaneously, they home in on the nearest enemy and have a higher chance of a Critical Hit. This consumes one bar of the combat gauge and it cannot be performed if the gauge is depleted.


Quick Shots can only be used by the seven protagonists of RE6 and not the enemies available in Agent Hunt. Despite its name, the quick shot can be used with non-firearms. The Combat Knife, Sherry Birkin's Stun Rod, and Jake Muller's hand-to-hand combat all have unique quick shot animations. Some weapons, such as Ada Wong's Crossbow, will reload automatically after a quick shot.

Unique Quick Shots

Each character has one unique weapon that the others don't, and so they're given unique quick shot animations to accentuate a character's proficency with that weapon.

  • Leon has the ability to fire the Wing Shooter up to five times in succession and consuming two bars of stamina when dual-wielding the weapon. He targets multiple enemies and shoots each of them, with the last shot being delivered from both of his Handgun and also knocking the enemy back. 
  • When Helena is equipped with the Hydra, she is able to perform evasive movements three times while firing the weapon and immediately reloading it after the final shot. Her quick shot movements can change depending on the situation.
  • Chris is able to swing his Combat Knife two times in a succession towards an enemy. When hit by either one of the swings, the enemy will be stunned, leaving them vulnerable to a melee attack.
  • Jake can perform up to four melee animations by doing a quick shot when hand-to-hand is equipped, it depletes two bars of the combat gauge.
  • When Sherry uses the quick shot with her Stun Rod equipped, she lunges forward and does a quick spin, immediately stunning an enemy if hit, making him vunerable for a melee attack or a charged Stun Rod attack.
  • Ada can perform a back flip if she uses a quick shot with her Crossbow equipped, she then automatically reloads the weapon.


  • Piers is the only character that doesn't have a unique animation when performing a quick shot with his exclusive weapon, the Anti-Materiel Rifle. It's very similar to the Sniper Rifle's animation, although the delay is greater when using the Anti-Materiel Rifle.
  • In the additional modes, many characters are able to use the exclusive weapons of other characters, this is the only time when they're able to perform these exclusive animations.

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