Qte 1

Failure to complete this QTE would result in a Game Over in Resident Evil 4.

A Quick Time Event (QTE), also referred to as an Action Event (アクションイベント akushon ibento?),[1] is an action sequence in which the progression of the game depends on the button(s) pressed by the player. It first appeared in Resident Evil 4.

QTEs are used extensively in cutscenes, they are also used to perform context sensitive actions on enemies and the environment. They have become a staple of the franchise and have appeared in every major release since RE4. These events generally require the player to press certain prompted buttons in a particular order, or perform certain gestures with the gamepad (on the Wii and PlayStation Move), usually within a specified amount of time to guarantee survival. Failure to do so will lead to an instant "Game Over" in most cases or a significant loss of the character's health.

New to Resident Evil 6, certain QTEs now have a small bar to indicate the player's action progress.

Further notes

  • The Live Selection and "dodge" features of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis were similar to Quick Time Events but did not require button inputs. However, failing to react in time to these in some instances would cause a loss of health similar to a QTE, such as not choosing an option on the cable car.




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