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"He's turning guppies into Jaws!"

Quint Cetcham was an early member of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. He provide technological support for the organization under the callsign "Jackass".


On and off the battlefield, he and Keith Lumley were a good combination. Many of his own ideas were included in the features of the "Genesis" scanner. He himself devised and subsequently developed the characteristic headset he wore.

Valkoinen Mökki AirportEdit

"Two boys, uncovering secrets, wanted dead or alive! Just like 'The Falcon and the Snowman'!""

Under Chris Redfield's suggestion, Quint and his partner Keith Lumley were assigned by Clive R. O'Brian to storm the Valkoinen Mökki Airport, one of Veltro's main hideouts, to collect any information about the Queen Zenobia in order to track their comrades, Parker Luciani and Jill Valentine.


Quint is a playable character in Raid Mode. His melee attack is to set off a timer bomb. The explosion can hit enemies around him. His snow gear costume is unlocked by beating 100 missions and his HQ uniform is unlocked by reaching player level 50.

Abilities (3DS) Abilities (Port) Costumes Mission to unlock
Shotgun Mastery

  • Shotgun Reload Speed 200%

Shotgun Mastery 1

  • Shotgun Reload Speed +30%
  • Shotgun Firing Rate +10%

Grenade Mastery 2

  • Grenade Blast Range +200%

CC Mastery 1

  • Physical Attack Damage +130%
  • Melee Weapon Damage +130%
Costume 1 - Snow gear

"100 Missions"

  • Reach player level 5 (Port)
Grenade Mastery

  • Grenade Blast Range +50%

Shotgun Mastery 3

  • Shotgun Reload Speed +80%
  • Shotgun Firing Rate +25%

Grenade Mastery 1

  • Grenade Blast Range +180%
Costume 2 - HQ uniform

"Level 50"

  • Obtain all super rare weapons (Port)


Quint is an obtainable diorama figure on awarded as a random prize through using a Genesis Scratchcard.

"Easily the BSAA's biggest mecha geek, Quint is a researcher specializing in biological warfare and analysis. Genesis, the prototype bioscanner loaded with a vast amount of genetic and viral data, was developed by the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies based on his proposal. He constantly references movies due to his love of horror flicks. While he will quarrel with Keith at the drop of a hat due to their opposing personalities, they actually complement each other in what has become a great partnership."

Further NotesEdit



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