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RESIDENT EVIL 6 DIGITAL SOUNDTRACK is an album released as a tie-in to Resident Evil 6.

Track ListingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Main Theme"   03:15
2. "Silent Party"   03:20
3. "What Lurks Beneath the Tombstones?"   03:01
4. "Underground/Undead Shadows"   02:17
5. "Underground/Trapped in the Station"   02:21
6. "Gun Shop/First Floor"   02:05
7. "Whopper"   01:47
8. "Bronze Archer"   01:36
9. "Rasklapanje"   01:34
10. "Stilt Housing Area/Helicopter Battle"   02:25
11. "Boiling Rage"   02:00
12. "Infiltrating the Aircraft Carrier"   02:54
13. "Facility Collapse"   01:35

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