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RE ENGINE Logo png jpgcopy

Logo of the RE Engine

RE Engine is the engine that empowers Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and has been created specifically for it.


Unlike its predecessor, the MT Framework, the RE Engine includes a variety of new graphical and rendering techniques such as Subsurface Scatters (a shader method used to produce highly realistic human skin), Dynamic shadows, FXAA + TAA, Shadow cache, moreover, rendering techniques include the ability to output 4K Resolution at easy, HDR, a VR specific mode, among others.


Mia sports a modeled mesh hair with hair texture filtering to give it more of a natural look - something never done in previous games.

On the other hand, the RE Engine enabled the developers to have Photorealistic rendering and realistic shading.

Resident evil 7 baker's main house

Photorealistic in-game screenshot of the Baker's main house in RE7.

The engine itself differs from its predecessor in terms of file formats and the whole game data is packed into a .PAK archive, making modifications a bit more less comfortable.


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