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Raccoon City is one of the levels present in Capcom's 2004 game, Under the Skin. This level cameos as one of the areas Cosmi invades to cause mischief and is based on the city's appearance in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

The level is unlocked after completing Coco Town, the first stage in Story Mode.


Under the Skin RC

Fighting Nemesis in Story Mode.

Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliveira, and other unnamed U.B.C.S. mercenaries can be seen wandering the stage accompanied by a variety of different t-Virus-infected civilians. Nemesis-T Type also prowls the area, towering above all of the other characters on the stage and attacking the players at various points. Various landmarks of the city can be seen around the stage, such as the Raccoon City Police Department's front entrance and its lower stairwell tunnel, Kendo Gun Shop, an area resembling the Basketball court|basketball yard, and a constantly-rotating statue of Michael Warren; serving as a playful nod to the Battery puzzle in Resident Evil 3.


Under The Skin - Raccoon City stage introduction

Under The Skin - Raccoon City stage introduction

Despite this stage being full of zombies, it functions similarly to all other levels in the game. All zombies and humans can be scanned and played as and they will all react to attacks. The R.P.D. Zombie Cops also act the same as standard officers in other levels. Nemesis can be found in any part of the stage, can be attacked or lured normally by all moves, and—true to Resident Evil 3—is able to attack all players and characters in the stage.

Story Mode

"Cooperate with King Vork to reduce Nemesis' coins to 0 in 10 minutes! Nemesis will drop coins when hit 5 times! Be careful not to lose your coins!"
— Mission objective

Raccoon City is one of the few stages in story mode where Cosmi must work alongside his opponent in order to complete the level. The level is won by focusing attacks at Nemesis and taking all of his coins before the timer runs out.

Completing this stage unlocks Raccoon City and King Vork in VS. Mode.

VS. Mode

"Collect 500 coins in 10 minutes or reduce your opponent's coins to 0. If the time runs out, the person with the most coins wins!"
— Mission objective

In VS. Mode, the stage and its inhabitants remain the same. A split-screen match between another player or computer commences where they can face off against each other or collect coins from other characters or Nemesis.

Panic Time

The level's Panic Time is "Outbreak", wherein a thick red fog envelops the stage and Nemesis begins to rampage. Additionally, all zombie characters' moves will quickly become infected by the Virus status, rendering them useless if not used quickly. Human characters are exempt from this status.

Special moves

Like many other stages in the game, Raccoon City has its own set of moves that can only be accessed during the level. The player is able to gain access to a Rocket Launcher and a Tank. There are a number of red explosive barrels throughout the stage resembling those found in Resident Evil 3. They can be activated by an attack move or by Nemesis. The Bruiser move in this stage also changes to include zombie dogs instead.

Further notes

  • Jill and Carlos are given new voice actors for their roles in the game, but the zombies and Nemesis use their voices from Resident Evil 3.
  • When attacked once in-game, the human the player is posing as will strip down to their underwear. In the Raccoon City stage, Jill strips down to a blue and white-striped bra and panties, while Carlos strips down to a pair of boxers with the same pattern.