Operation Raccoon City award - Raccoon City Mascot

The award icon for collecting them.

Raccoon City Mascots are collectible items that can be found around Raccoon City in Slant Six's Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. There are 7 to collect, one in each chapter. For finding them you get 350xp each and if you find all 7, you get the award "Raccoon City Mascot".



  • Before entering Birkins Lab, In the lounge behind the before row of servers in the back of the room.


  • Before destroying the servers, you will find a staircase. And if you head up to the tithe mascot will be at the top of the staircase.

Lights OutEdit

  • In Raccoon Park, on the right side of the park you will find an open drain pipe, heading inside the pipe will only lead to a corpse, but right outside the pipe, the raccoon should be hiding to the right, around some trash.

Gone RogueEdit

  • When you enter the lab, its in the large cirgular room with all the hanging pods, right before the room with the Nemesis Beta. In this room head to the very center pillar and walk around it to where the pods enter the pillar. If you walk inside, it should be hiding behind a pod on the right in the very back.


  • In Chief Irons Office, hiding as a taxidermied raccoon.


  • When going down the train lift, the second time the lift stops, kill the zombies and walk into the room in the back. Its in that room, to the left on the floor

End of the LineEdit

  • In the very back of the spec ops camp, on a table.

Walkthrough VideoEdit

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - Raccoon City Mascot Locations

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - Raccoon City Mascot Locations

This video shows the exact locations of the mascots, with a little bit of humor. For visual reference.