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The RPD's main precinct, as seen from Ennerdale Street.

The Raccoon City Police Department (RPD) was a municipal police force based in the Midwestern United States. Its operations jurisdiction covered the City of Raccoon City and its surrounding villages around Raccoon Forest. Owing to corporate funding from the Bright Raccoon 21 Plan, the RPD had a broad array of specialized services, including K9 and SWAT, bomb disposal. From 1996-1998, counter-terrorism; bomb disposal and anti-organized crime services were represented by the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.), a separate law enforcement force within the region.

The RPD's main headquarters, a former art museum, was in Downtown Raccoon, on Ennerdale Street, one of the city's primary thoroughfares. It is unknown if there were other precincts, although it is likely there were multiple smaller stations, due to the size of the city.


The patrol officers of the R.P.D. wear a uniform consisting of a light blue shirt with an R.P.D logo on each sleeve and a pair of navy/black trousers and black or brown shoes. Some officers wear a navy/black tie, a police cap, or both. Officers in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles are shown wearing white shirts, maybe because of a possible uniform change from white as the R.P.D.'s Summer shirt color and due to the Raccoon City Destruction Incident causing so much trouble, officers would have been too busy to change their uniforms from white to blue as a possible Fall uniform.

The Raccoon SWAT uniform consists of fingerless gloves, a heavy dark navy/blue short or long sleeve shirt with body armour on the torso and matching pants. They are also depicted wearing elbow and knee pads, bulletproof vests, R.P.D. Caps, bomber jackets, balaclavas, and Riot helmets (during battle).

Tony (a member of the K-9 Unit) is shown wearing a dark blue Tee-shirt and pants as well as a cap on his head. This suggests that this is the standard uniform for members of this unit.

S.T.A.R.S. members wear an undershirt with the S.T.A.R.S. emblem over the left sleeve and a Kevlar tactical vest suited for each operative's personal skills and specialty. For example, Chris' vest was equipped with a sheath for his combat knife, while Rebecca's vest prominently displayed a red cross on the back - the international symbol of a medical assistance officer. Each member is allowed to choose their color for his/her uniform e.g. Green for Chris and Red for Barry Burton. The exceptions to this rule are Jill, who wears an undershirt but also shoulder pads attached at the waist and a blue beret, while Richard Aiken sports an undershirt with the R.P.D. emblem on the right sleeve.

Organization and structure

The Raccoon Police Department is comprised of several divisions these include: Patrol, Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T.), The Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S) And a K-9 Unit. Information about these divisions is given below:

Patrol division

The Patrol division was the backbone of the R.P.D, containing some of the most recognizable division members in the city. They provide a round the clock service both on foot and by patrol car to the residents of Raccoon City. During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, these officers were pushed to their limits in dealing with the many hordes of zombies and other creatures that were overrunning the city. They sustained many casualties and fatalities but still kept their determination and integrity intact.

Special Tactics And Rescue Service

Main article: Special Tactics And Rescue Service

The S.T.A.R.S. unit was founded in 1996 to tackle hostage situations, terrorist threats and other incidents where suspects are well armed. S.T.A.R.S. was specialized in Search and Rescue operations (hence their name). The team itself was more of an associated agency than a true member of the police force. For example, Rebecca Chambers had only recently graduated from university at the age of eighteen with a degree in medicine, and lacked suitable police training. Her membership in the team was only to stand in as a medic. As a law-enforcement agency, they still retain the Power of Arrest, as evident by Rebecca placing Billy Coen under arrest in July 1998.

Raccoon S.W.A.T.

Main article: Raccoon SWAT

The unit was created to replace S.T.A.R.S. after the unit was disbanded following their disastrous operation at Arklay mountains. [citation needed] These officers were specially trained to deal with high risk operations. [citation needed] The members of this team are highly skilled in the use of many weapons and are all in top physical and Mental condition. [citation needed]

Other divisions

The K-9 unit consisted of specially trained officers and their dogs - all police dogs were Doberman Pinschers at the suggestion of Chief Irons.[1] They would've been a valuable asset to the R.P.D. During the viral outbreak, this unit was completely annihilated by the t-Virus, with all of the department's dogs becoming infected, and running amok around the basement of the station. [notes 1] The only known officer from this unit was Tony.[2]

In addition to the divisions mentioned above, the R.P.D. also had minor departments containing 2-3 officers. Elran, for instance, worked in the "Boys Crime Department".[3]


Below is a list of known police officers from the Raccoon Police Department.

Name Role Status
Aaron Officer Deceased as of Sept 28, 1998
Andy Officer Deceased as of Sept 27, 1998[4]
Arthur Officer Deceased as of Sept 24, 1998[5]
Branagh, Marvin Officer Deceased as of Sept 29, 1998[6]
Carlsen, Neil Sergeant[7] Deceased
Dooley, Kevin Pilot[8] Deceased as of July 23, 1998[9]
Dorian Officer Unknown
Douglas, Raymond Deputy Chief [citation needed] Deceased as of Sept 24, 1998[5]
Edward Officer September 26, 1998[10]
Elliot Edward Officer Deceased as of September 29, 1998[11]
Elliott Officer[5] Deceased as of Sept 24, 1998[5]
Elran Officer Deceased
Eric Officer Deceased
Ford, David Officer Deceased as of September 27, 1998[12]
Fred Officer [citation needed] Deceased
Jean Officer Deceased[13]
Hamilton, Tyler Officer Alive[14]
Harry Officer Alive[4]
Irons, Brian Chief of Police [citation needed] Deceased as of September 29, 1998[6]
Kennedy, Leon Scott Officer Alive
Meyer Officer Deceased[12]
Rita Officer Alive[4]
Ryman, Kevin S.W.A.T. [citation needed] Alive[15]
Scott, George Officer Unknown
Tony Dog Handler Deceased bet. September 27/8, 1998[4]


The RPD's fleet of vehicles initially used the 1979-1990 Chevy Caprices as the standard patrol vehicle,[notes 2] though in its final years it began replacing them with the 1992-1997 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor..

The R.P.D. used Aérospatiale/Eurocopter AS350B police helicopter for air patrol [16] and provided a further two UH-1 helicopters for S.T.A.R.S. operations, one of which was damaged during the a mission into the Arklay Mountains.[17][18]


The Raccoon Police Department possessed a variety of weapons for its duty officers.

RPD officers were provided with Hecker & Koch VP70s, which could be modified within the main building. The Browning Hi-Power was also provided.[19][20][21] SWAT officer Kevin Ryman is known to have used a Colt M1911 while on-duty, though this may have been a personal firearm allowed for use. Desert Eagles were also in service for the RPD, with at least one model known to have the RPD emblem on it. Officers licensed for shotguns were provided with SPAS-12s[22] and Remington M870s.[21]

Raccoon SWAT members were provided with MP5 Submachine Guns.[21] The M79 Grenade Launcher also found usage in the RPD as a crowd-control weapon. A final weapon known to have been used by the RPD was the Ingram M-11.


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