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"We Do It"
— The Raccoon City Police Department's official motto

For other uses, see Raccoon City Police Department (disambiguation). For the building used by the RPD, see Raccoon City Police Station.

The Raccoon City Police Department, or Raccoon Police Department (commonly abbreviated as "RPD") was a municipal law enforcement agency which served Raccoon City in Arklay County, United States. Whether it had jurisdiction over the neighboring towns such as Stoneville, and its relationship with the Arklay County Sheriff's Department (ASD) is currently unknown.


The Raccoon City Police Department was established in 1969, when the then-city's rapid expansion necessitated a dedicated police force beyond the Arklay County Sheriff's Department (ASD). Raccoon's art museum, which had closed down, was purchased by the RPD the same year to be used as their base of operations, the Raccoon City Police Station.

When Mayor Michael Warren began preparation for the "Bright Raccoon 21" project in the early 1990s, the force received extra funding from various local companies, including Umbrella USA, who wanted assurances the RPD could deal with the increasing crime rate and the threat of domestic terrorism. From this funding, the Special Tactics and Rescue Service was established.[1] Though S.T.A.R.S. was not part of the RPD, it was based within the Raccoon City Police Station and its officers held the power of arrest like local police.

During the 1990s, the RPD was under the control of Chief Brian Irons, who received monthly bribes from Umbrella USA to keep the company's illegal activities from being investigated.[2]
Biohazard 3 OPENING.DAT 2

S.T.A.R.S. arguing with Irons.

Following the events of the Mansion Incident, Irons barred investigation into Umbrella at the direct request of Birkin, causing the surviving members of S.T.A.R.S. to organize their own private investigation of the company and the Chief.[2][3][4][5]

Raccoon City Destruction IncidentEdit

On September 24, 1998, a riot broke out at Raccoon Stadium during the Raccoon Sharks game. A large number of officers were called to the scene. As the attacks spread into the city, there was a subsequent shortage of officers to aid the situation.[6] As a result, the officers on duty enacted a cleanup operation.[7]

On the 25th, the officers at the main precinct were attacked by zombies and struggled to survive for several days.

On the 27th, the majority of officers and Raccoon SWAT dispatched into the city were overcome by the infected.[8][9][10]

By October 1, most of the officers of the RPD were dead. Officers Jill Valentine, Leon Scott Kennedy, Kevin Ryman, Rita, and Harry survived the outbreak in the city. The status of other officers, such as Dorian and Elran, remains unknown.

Uniform Edit

The standard uniform for patrol officers consisted of a white collared shirt and dark grey patrol trousers (Summer Uniform) and fall winter uniforms were light blue V-necked collar shirt with the RPD logo on both shirt-sleeves. This was accompanied with black trousers and black patrol boots. Caps and black ties were part of the uniform, but it is hard to tell if these were optional or merely neglected due to the outbreak.

Specialist divisions within the RPD had their own uniforms. Tony, a K-9 unit dog handler, wore a uniform which consisted of a white non-collared shirt under a black jacket and a plain cap more resembling a baseball-cap than those worn by Harry and Raymond.

More armoured uniforms were in service in 1998. Kevin Ryman wore a short-sleeved black jacket with the letters "R.P.D." on the front during the outbreak, which was exposed as a V-neck. He did not appear to wear a shirt underneath. Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie, was provided with a similar uniform, though in dark blue and covering the neck. Leon did wear a white, long sleeved shirt under his jacket. Both had pads above each shoulder and wore black gloves, however. These uniforms were themselves not far from the Raccoon SWAT uniform, which wore a dark blue shirt under a similarly-designed body armour. SWAT also had access to riot helmets.

Organization and structure Edit

The Raccoon City Police Department was comprised of several divisions, including Patrol Division, Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.), the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S), and a K-9 Unit. Information about these divisions is given below:

Patrol DivisionEdit

The Patrol Division was the backbone of the RPD, containing some of the most recognizable division members in the city. They provided around-the-clock service on foot, by patrol car and by aerial surveillance to the residents of Raccoon City. During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, these officers were pushed to their limits in dealing with the hordes of undead creatures overrunning the city whilst coordinating evacuations and protecting civilians who were trying to escape. They sustained near total casualties during the incident, with a mere handful of officers escaping alive.

Raccoon S.W.A.T.Edit

Main article: Raccoon SWAT

The Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) was created to replace S.T.A.R.S. after the unit was disbanded following its disastrous operation in the Arklay Mountains. Like its predecessor, S.W.A.T. personnel were specially trained to deal with high risk operations and incidents of violent crime. The members of this team were skilled in the use of many weapons and were all in top physical and mental condition.

Other divisionsEdit

The K-9 unit consisted of specially trained officers and their dogs – all police dogs were Doberman Pinschers at the suggestion of Chief Irons.[11] They would have been a valuable asset to the RPD. During the viral outbreak, this unit was completely annihilated by the t-Virus, with all of the department's dogs becoming infected, and running amok around the basement of the station. [notes 1] The only known officer from this unit was Tony.[12]

In addition to the divisions mentioned above, the RPD also had minor departments containing 2-3 officers. Elran, for instance, worked in the Juvenile Division .[13]

Personnel Edit

Below is a list of known members of the Raccoon City Police Department.

Name Role Status
Aaron Officer Deceased as of Sept 28, 1998
Andy Officer Deceased as of Sept 27, 1998[14]
Arthur Officer Deceased as of Sept 24, 1998[15]
Branagh, Marvin Lieutenant Deceased as of Sept 29, 1998[16]
Carlsen, Neil Sergeant[17] Deceased
Dooley, Kevin Pilot Deceased as of July 23, 1998
Dorian Officer Unknown
Douglas, Raymond Officer Deceased as of Sept 24, 1998[15]
Edward Officer Deceased as of September 26, 1998
Edward, Elliot Officer Deceased as of September 29, 1998[18]
Elliott Officer[15] Deceased as of Sept 24, 1998[15]
Elran Officer Unknown
Eric Officer Deceased as of Sept 24, 1998
Ford, David Officer Deceased as of September 27, 1998[19]
Fred Officer Deceased as of September 28, 1998
Jean Officer Deceased[20]
Hamilton, Tyler Officer Alive[21]
Harry Officer Alive[14]
Irons, Brian Chief of Police Deceased as of September 29, 1998[16]
Kennedy, Leon Scott Officer Alive
Meyer Officer Deceased[19]
Phillips, Rita Officer Alive[14]
Ryman, Kevin S.W.A.T. Alive[22]
Scott, George Officer Deceased as of September 29, 1998[16]
Tony Dog Handler Deceased as of September 27/28, 1998[14]

Vehicles Edit

The Raccoon City Police Department's fleet of vehicles initially used the 1979-1990 Chevy Caprices as the standard patrol vehicle,[notes 2] though in its final years, it began replacing them with the 1992-1997 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

The RPD used an Aérospatiale/Eurocopter AS350B police helicopter for air patrol [23] and provided a further two Bell UH-1 helicopters for S.T.A.R.S. operations; one of which was destroyed during the Arklay Mansion Incident.[24][25]

Firearms Edit

The Raccoon City Police Department possessed a variety of weapons for its officers.

The standard RPD sidearm was the Beretta 92F, which was issued to many officers. Other RPD officers were provided with Hecker & Koch VP70s, which could be modified within the main building. The Browning Hi-Power was also provided.[26][27][28] SWAT officer Kevin Ryman was known to have used a Colt M1911 while on-duty, though this may have been a personal firearm allowed for use. Desert Eagles were also in service for the RPD for use against heavily armored criminals, with at least one model known to have the RPD emblem on it. The S.T.A.R.S. vault also contained either a S&W Model 629 or H&K Penn Arms L1 Grenade Launcher.

Officers licensed for shotguns were provided with SPAS-12s[29] and Remington M870s.[28]

SWAT personnel were provided with MP5 Submachine Guns.[28] The M79 Grenade Launcher also found usage in the RPD as a crowd-control weapon. A final weapon known to have been used by the RPD was the Ingram M-11.


Further notesEdit

The main precinct was established in the late-1980s, converted from a former art museum located in Downtown Raccoon City on Ennerdale Street, one of the city's primary thoroughfares. Chief Brian Irons was instrumental in the purchase, acting as mediator on the deal and making several suggestions.[30] It is unknown if there were other precincts, although it is likely there were multiple smaller stations, due to the size of the city.


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