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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The precinct, as seen from Ennerdale Street.

The Raccoon City Police Department building was the headquarters of the Raccoon City Police Department, based on Ennerdale Street in central Raccoon City.

History Edit

What would later become the Raccoon City Police Department main precinct was originally an art museum on Ennerdale Street in Downtown Raccoon.[1] Police chief Brian Irons would later keep many pieces of art within the precinct.

Early into the Raccoon City Destruction Incident - around September 25th, 1998 - the R.P.D. was used as a refugee camp and fortress for the Raccoon City citizens seeking rescue. Most refugees stayed in the basement for safety, including the arrested reporter Ben Bertolucci, who locked himself in a prison cell even though he had a key. However, as ammunition levels went down, along with the number of survivors, some refugees left the R.P.D. due to its constant attacks.

The Chief of Police, Brian Irons, purposely made it extremely difficult for survivors to cope, scattering ammunition caches all around the precinct days before the outbreak was known publicly (around Sept. 22nd).[2] The outbreak led to Irons becoming mentally unstable and he began hunting down surviving R.P.D. officers for sport, killing officer "Ed" on Sept. 26th and attempting to make sure nobody left the city alive.[2]

By September 27, there were only eight surviving officers left in the station, along with three prisoners and three refugees of the disaster. All the others were either killed/infected by zombies or murdered by Chief Irons. In the afternoon, the R.P.D.'s west barricade was broken through and zombies flooded the station. The party of surviving police officers, led by Officer Ford began an operation together to rescue other survivors, barricade the zombies and escape from the precinct unharmed.

At evening, S.W.A.T. team member Kevin Ryman and the other refugees collected special gems which opened a statue, providing a small ventilation shaft to the outside. One of the police officers, Rita, left through the tunnels under the statue to escape and get help. However, by the time she returned with a van driven by fellow police officer Harry, three of the officers were already dead. The only people to get on the van were the refugees and Kevin, while Marvin Branagh stayed behind after getting bitten and infected by a zombie.

In the early hours of Sept. 28th, Officer Ford finally succumbed and committed suicide. Three more officers were killed by a zombie attack. Elliot Edward took over and attempted to lead the remaining three officers Elliott; Eric and Harry escape into the sewers, They later attempt to wire a bomb to eliminate the zombie horde on Main Street but are overrun before finishing it, leaving only Harry alive. Survivors happen upon the scene moments after and finish wiring the bomb detonating it killing all the zombies on Main Street. Later on the same day, former S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine explored parts of the department whilst on the run from the Nemesis. There she saw Marvin, who at the time was still alive, but unconscious.

On September 29, more survivors found their way into the precinct for differing reasons. Claire Redfield, sister of S.T.A.R.S. member Chris Redfield. Leon S. Kennedy, a new rookie officer late for his first day. Sherry Birkin, daughter of Umbrella virologist William Birkin, who was sent to the station for her safety by her mother, Annette Birkin. Ada Wong, a spy secretly working for Albert Wesker, and lastly, HUNK, a commando from the U.S.S. sent to retrieve a sample of the G-Virus created by William Birkin.

Elliot Edward, a surviving officer, fled to the precinct rooftop where he attempted to board a police helicopter out of the city. The rescue attempt went wrong however when the officer was ambushed by zombies and accidentally hit the pilot with stray machine gun fire, sending the helicopter crashing into the building. Later, an Umbrella helicopter dropped a capsule containing the Tyrant (T-103 Model), known as T-00 to stalk the survivors in the R.P.D. for the G-virus.

Claire found a dying Marvin, who gave Leon a keycard to unlock the rest of the station's doors. Marvin later succumbed to the t-Virus and became a zombie. Claire was forced to kill him.

Claire found her way into the Chief's office where she saw Irons with the freshly-killed corpse of the Mayor's daughter, up until this point a survivor. Claire found Sherry in the building and they attempted to leave the precinct via a secret passage behind Irons' bookshelf. The infected, mutated William Birkin later found his way into the passage via the sewers and impregnated Irons with a G-embryo. He then died in agonizing pain from the parasite in his body.

Meanwhile, Leon met Ada for the first time in the car park, where they moved the Police van out of the way (it was previously in the ramp) and discovered the only surviving prisoner, Ben Bertolucci. Ben divulged information about a passage into the sewers inside the kennels, but was later attacked by the mutated Birkin. Leon and Ada rushed to his aid and Ben handed over damning evidence of Chief Irons' corruption before dying.

Both groups left the R.P.D. in the early hours of the 30th, via secret passages into the Raccoon City sewers. At this time, HUNK, who almost died in the sewers after the mutated Birkin slaughtered his team, went the opposite direction with a sample of the G-virus and back into the precinct, where he fought his way to the helipad and was airlifted to safety by a waiting helicopter, taking the sample to Umbrella.

By the night of September 30, the precinct's basement was yet again filled with surviving Raccoon refugees (whether helped by each other, the army, the U.B.C.S. or other police is uncertain). Their occupation lasted until the morning of October 1, when Raccoon City was obliterated in a missile strike, destroying all life there. Leon and Claire were able to find a way out of city where they were found and rescued as a pair of the few survivors. Leon began working for a Top Secret government agency under the command of the President, whilst Claire joined the anti-pharmaceutical organization Terra Save.


Further notesEdit

  • Infamously, the RPD has no restrooms.
  • Attempting to overlay the gameplay maps of the building with the building's exterior model reveals a lot of unused space.
  • In the Main Hall, the door leading to the Information Office is at the top of a ramp and the door to the Waiting Room 1F is at the bottom of the ramp.  Passing between the Information Office and the Waiting Room 1F by alternate routes does not indicate any difference in height between the two rooms.
  • During its numerous displays through the series, it has several different designs:
    • In the original demo for Resident Evil 2, there is a door in the 2nd floor hallway where the red gem can be found on the statue. The door seemingly opens into the S.T.A.R.S. office, however, inside the office there is no door from there, and its a pin up board behind Wesker's desk where the door should be. In the final game, that door was removed, and a new door was placed near which links to the hall near the library. See image Here.
    • In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, which takes place before Resident Evil 2, several rooms are boarded off and outside there are several things stacked to block the underground stairwells. It is never explained who boarded the doors off, or who removed the boards and blocks.
    • In Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 and in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, the RPD only has 2 floors. The third floor was removed. When in the main hall, it is noticeable after looking up, when the 3rd floor balcony is missing. In addition, when outside the third floor is noticeably missing, along with the clock tower (see image gallery below).  Additionally, The Umbrella Chronicles retelling makes drastic changes to the story of Resident Evil 3.
    • In Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City the front exterior and main hall of the RPD remain unchanged; however, outside of those areas, the layout of the RPD is completely different from any previous versions.



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