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Raccoon General Hospital, also known as Raccoon City Hospital was a medical practice in the midwestern town of Raccoon City, located in the northern side, close to the St. Michael Clock Tower and Raccoon Park.[1] While not the only hospital in the area, it was certainly the city's main practice, and the only one known to be in operation at the time of the crises.


The general hospital was built in 1992 as part of Umbrella's expansion in Raccoon City with Mayor Michael Warren's "Bright Raccoon 21" regeneration project.[2] The corporation took control of the basement levels, using them for viral research; B.O.W. development and other acts.[3][4]

After the effects of the Mansion Incident reached the city, a colony of leeches in the sewers was infected by the t-Virus,[5] and posed a threat to Umbrella researchers using the sewers to attend their meetings with Dr. William Birkin.[6]


The first Leech Man attacks Hersh.

The earliest known instance of the hospital's involvement with the t-Virus was some time before September 10, after the hospital's director, Ethan made note of the deteriorating condition of people infected with the virus.[7] No matter what treatments and safety protocols the hospital tried to use, they could not contain the outbreak. On September 18, another patient was admitted with the disease.[7] The morale amongst the hospital staff was still relatively high, with the director adamant that even if he were to die from the virus, his medical charts could prove useful for someone trying to find a cure.[7]

It was also that around this time, the leech colony began to move into the upper levels of the hospital.[4][8] Some of these leeches themselves merged into a humanoid form comparable to the "mimicry marcus" encountered by t-infected leeches in July.[4][5][9]


Front of Raccoon General Hospital. Carlos is on its way to find the t-Virus vaccine.

On September 26, the zombies proved too much to contain, and even locking down entire wings proved fruitless, as the number of infected patients turning into zombies grew.[4] Many of the surviving hospital staff and non t-Virus infected patients were killed by the zombies at this point, and the director himself soon succumbed to the virus.[7]

It was at around this time that a group of survivors went to the hospital in search of shelter and medicinal supplies, perhaps seeking to take advantage of the city's collapse to raid what they could. The infected leeches had already swarmed over a doctor, attaching themselves to his skin and apparently controlling him. After restoring the elevator power, Dr. Hersh was attacked by the leeches, which abandoned the previous body and transformed him into another Leech Zombie. The survivors baited the thing with a blood pack inside a fixed temperature lab, where they raised the temperature to approximately 85 degrees, killing the leeches. The survivors soon abandoned the hospital after killing a giant queen leech and using a boat in the sewers to escape to the underground laboratory some eight miles (12.8 kilometers) north-west of the city center.[4]


The Raccoon Hospital Umbrella Lab.

Some time after this a US Army special forces unit made its way into the hospital, only to be killed by the Hunter β, which had occupied the hospital since the survivors' departure.


The Hospital's destruction.

The hospital was abandoned until October 1, when three UBCS mercenaries explored the area - Carlos Oliveira and the monitors Nikolai Zinoviev and Tyrell Patrick.[3] Carlos went over to the hospital to find a t-Virus vaccine to help Jill Valentine, who had been infected during a confrontation with a Tyrant known as "the pursuer".[3] He encountered Tyrell during his search - the monitor was attempting to open a safe, but soon died when the safe was revealed to have been booby trapped.[3] After recovering the vaccine and avoiding both Hunter β and γ-type B.O.W.s, Carlos departed the hospital; not before he discovered that another person, who he would later learn to have been Nikolai, had planted C4 charges around the building.[3] He escaped just before it was destroyed.[10]



Kevin in one of the narrow corridors.

The building itself is four stories and has a dull sign on its roof that reads 'Raccoon Hospital'; it shows obvious signs of age with the metal signs having lucid rust marks and the brick work taking on an unnatural dirty pallor. It is composed of three buildings: the right wing, the left wing and the central building. The right and left wings would have been used to house patients whilst the central building was for offices and receptions.

Its interior was full of narrow hallways. There was only one small elevator and one staircase connecting the stories. The first basement room had a morgue, an elevator control room and a liquid waste disposal area. B2 Floor had a laboratory and a passage to the sewers. B3F is where some of Umbrella's B.O.W.s were housed, along with a chemical synthesizer necessary to make one of the three t-Virus vaccines produced before the Sterilization Operation that destroyed the city.

The hospital's known interior consists of the following rooms and places (36 overall):



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