The 1F Elevator Room is an area of Raccoon General Hospital featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil Outbreak.


This room consists of many bodies of doctors lying around the room with blood and various miscellaneous items scattered about.


This room has the access to the elevator. To activate the elevator, Carlos has to push the button on the elevator panel to start recording the voice. After that, using the Tape Recorder, that can be obtained in this room, the access to the elevator will be granted.

When going to that floor from the another, a pack of Zombies can attack Carlos within the elevator. Those monsters are spawning only once on the random floor and they won't appear here, if they have in another floor. After Carlos created the Vaccine, another two Hunters Beta will be present in this room.


Location Localization Original Script
Checking the dead corpse His neck has been devoured from the inside out.
About to take the map It's the Hospital Map.
Checking the lockers It appears that someone has already searched here.
The post on the wall

"10/3 6PM"

"We'll have a party at Bar Jack."

The trolley Unfinished coffee.
Voice recognition device

A voice recognition lock. Will you push the microphone? Yes/No

(Yes) Please enter your voice.

Inside the elevator

Which floor will you move to?

4F B3 Open Cancel