The Rooftop of the Raccoon General Hospital, visited only in the The Hive scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak. There is a dying police officer up there. If the player is playing as Cindy or Kevin and talks to the officer, he will give them a MP5 Submachine Gun on EASY and NORMAL, or the BURST HANDGUN on HARD and VERY HARD. On any difficulty as Cindy, the officer will also give to her a box of ammunition, but as Kevin, the officer will give to him nothing more than the weapon, and on VERY HARD as Kevin, the BURST HANDGUN will be unloaded.

This is one of the few areas in the hospital where the leech zombie cannot stalk the player, making it also one of the "safe" areas, but on VERY HARD, two zombies will be wandering around the rooftop and they will respawn inside the elevator if killed, and also three crows will be flying around the area and they respawn in only one minute if killed, making it also the most dangerous area.

Special items

Two special items here, and both are character-exclusive.