Raccoon Today is a file that can be found in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.



September 6, 1998
A ghost?
Sightings of a mysterious masked figure in the NW Arklay woods are on the rise.

The bloody remains of crows and wild dogs have also been showing up near river banks in the area.
The whole region has been swept up in the hysteria and a mood of fear and paranoia is prevalent.

Long-time residents insist that it's the ghost of a patient from the nearby hospital that closed down 5 years ago.
Are these bizarre sightings just a taste of things to come?


亡霊? 謎の覆面男が森を徘徊


また、野犬やカラスのものと見られる血痕が 河川沿いの林道で多量に発見されるなど、現場付近は不穏な空気に包まれ始めている。


September 6, 1998
Ghost? Mysterious Masked Man Wanders Through the Forest

According to stories by local residents, in the Northwest Arklays near the forest, sightings of a suspicious figure wearing a mask have been successive.



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