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"Raging Waters" is a cutscene in Resident Evil Zero.[1]


Rebecca Chambers departs from the large elevator on the B4 level and finds herself inside of a treatment plant. In the rapids below, she spots Billy Coen unconscious and resting on debris. She calls out to him frantically, but he does not respond. A B.O.W. (presumably a Lurker) stalks him from the water and throws his body further down into the rapids. Awakened from the blow, he screams as he falls through a drainage tunnel. Rebecca continues to call out to him.

Further NotesEdit

  • Even though Rebecca is explicitly shown yelling Billy's name (and later, "No! Billy!" after he's sucked into a drainage tunnel), the subtitles do not pick up on this.


  1. Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster, Gallery.

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