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Further notes


In the original Resident Evil, Rebecca is seen wearing her S.T.A.R.S. uniform, a green T-shirt and pants with a white bulletproof vest. The red cross symbol is printed on the back of her vest to indicate that she is a medic. She also wears green, fingerless gloves and boots. She also wore a red headband, pink choker, and white earrings, the first of which has been omitted in all of her subsequent appearances.

In the Arranged Mode featured in Resident Evil: Director's Cut, she wore a streamlined, burgundy-colored version of her uniform, which consisted of shorts and a T-shirt. In the Resident Evil remake, her alternate costume is a cowgirl outfit consisting of a brown cowboy vest, boots and jeans shorts. This costume was carried over to Resident Evil Zero along with another alternate costume consisting of leather pants and a halter top with long fingerless gloves. In Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, she had an alternate costume of a cheerleader uniform.

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