Rebecca Chambers is a Character card in the Deck Building Game, appearing in its Premier edition.


She is an interesting character that takes advantage of trashing cards from the player's hand or inventory/deck, a nod to the inventory mechanics introduced in Resident Evil 0. Her Level 1 ability allows her take cards she is trashing through effects of other cards and place them in other player's discard piles. To further benefit this ability, her Level 2 effect allows her to simply trash cards whenever the player pleases. These effects come in handy when facing players using characters such as Krauser or Leon, who depend on smaller decks of one type of weapon. This Rebecca card has the lowest health out of all the characters in the game (alongside Claire, Ada, and others from expansion sets) and can be killed instantly by Uroboros Aheri (MA-010), Albert Wesker, or Tyrant T-002 (MA-041) if the player isn't careful.

Rebecca's effects become even more useful when pair with the trashing effects of Action cards such as Shattered Memories (AC-003), Quirk of Fate (AC-019), and Parting Ways (AC-029). The latter two feature art from Resident Evil 0, making this combination most likely intentional on the part of the game's developers. Rebecca's effects also work well in tandem with Billy's discard effects. Since they were the main protagonists of Resident Evil 0, this was also most likely intentional as well.


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