The Red Emblem is a Key Item in the "wild things" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It is one of the pair of emblems engraved with lion motifs found in the scenario.

Along with the Blue Emblem, the Red Emblem needs to be combined with the Lion Statues in the Front gate plaza in order to open the locked entrance gates and escape the Raccoon Zoo.

Turn on the power inside the zoo first, then obtain the item. Once inside the Plaza, combine the Emblem with the lion statue that has the same eye color as the item. After unlocking and exiting the gates, it will lead to the Raccoon Zoo Station.


The Red Emblem's location varies from the selected Difficulty.


  • Close the gates in the Elephant Stage (the power is already turned on in the zoo when in Easy Mode).



  • Activate the spot light and investigate the Stage after turning on power in the zoo.


  • After opening the Red Painting inside the Inner office and obtaining the Blue Emblem, insert 9 more Raccoon medals to the Raccoon Ornament. The Blue Painting will open, revealing the Red Emblem.