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"The markings on the sides of the stone indicate that it was once set in something."
— Item examination

The Red Gem is treasure item found in Resident Evil 4. It is a precious stone that can be set into the Elegant Mask along with the Purple Gem and Green Gem to increase its value. It can be sold individually for 3,000₧.


The first is found in the Barrier of Chapter 2-3. Right after you open the locked door with there is a building to the right. Go in, then turn left and cut the boards. Keep going until you find a barrel which contains the Red Gem. You can also turn around to take the right path and get the Purple Gem. The second is found in a treasure chest in the maze in Chapter 3-2. In Separate Ways, only one is found during Chapter 2. It is in the wood shack of the Cemetery.



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