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The Red Jewels are items that appear in Resident Evil 2.


There are two red jewels in the Raccoon City Police Station.  One can be found if the fireplace in the Operation Room is lit. This melts part of the painting above, which exposes the jewel. The second is found after solving a short puzzle by pushing the moveable statues at the end of the Stone statue corridor into their proper positions. This causes the center statue to drop the jewel it is grasping in its hand. After examining either of the jewels, they become a Virgin Heart (バージンハート Bājinhāto?).

Once in possession of both jewels, they are used to complete a puzzle in the Art Storage Room, which yields the King Plug in Leon's scenario, or the left half of the Jaguar Stone in Claire's scenario.


Resident Evil 2
Item Localization Original Script
Red Jewel A blood-red jewel about the size of a fist. 血のように赤い宝石だ


Further notes

  • In the original Resident Evil, there is a similar relief of a woman with a red jewel found in the Hidden Library. The jewel merely acts as a button to activate a light fixture in the room.