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The Red Jewels are items that appear in two separate scenarios in Resident Evil Outbreak.



Found attached to the decorative tree in Room 306. By placing it in the bust in the back of the Security Office, a secret door to the Front Lobby, 2F will open.

Decisions, Decisions

Found in Raccoon University, it is hidden in the clock in the General Manager's Room. A hidden switch can be found behind a painting near the entrance to the room and when pressed, illuminates the hands on the clock and allows them to be interacted with. When the correct time is displayed, a cuckoo will spring out and chime with the jewel embedded in its chest. The puzzle is solved when the clock strikes "3:25" on "Easy", "10:05" on "Normal", "7:40" on "Hard", and "2:50" on "Very Hard."

The Red Jewel is used along with the Blue Jewel on the stuffed moose head in the Entrance Hall to reveal the entrance to Peter Jenkins' private study.


Resident Evil Outbreak
Red Jewel


I got this jewel in room 306. 客室306で入手した宝石
Red Jewel

(Decisions, Decisions)

It emits bright red light. 鮮やかな赤い光を放っている

Further notes

  • The Red Jewel is a reoccurring item in the franchise and both of its appearances in Outbreak reference previous uses for the item in past series entries. The puzzle in Hellfire hearkens back to the jewel's use in Resident Evil 2 where two of the Red Jewels were set into statues to reveal a secret compartment. The puzzle found in Decisions, Decisions is a nod to the tiger's eye puzzle found in the original Resident Evil, the 2002 remake, and Resident Evil CODE:Veronica. In the remake, the Red Jewel (localized as the "Red Gemstone") is found in a stuffed moose bust, similarly to Outbreak.