Further notes

A Regenerador is a monster created by inhumane augmentations, utilizing multiple Plagas and human test subjects. Regeneradores are named for their artificially-created high metabolism. If a Regenerador is injured, small tentacles sprout from the wound and appear to 'knit' new flesh, recreating entire limbs within seconds. This allows the Regenerador to recover from bullet wounds, lost limbs, decapitation, loss of lower body or even loss of the entire upper torso with little loss of overall health.

The Regenerador appears as a large, vaguely, human-shaped creature covered in hairless, seemingly-rough, gray skin. Their mouths are large, taking up most of their otherwise-featureless faces, and are filled with needle-like teeth which force the Regenerador into a grin. They have no nose, ears or sexual characteristics. Their internal organs (including their brains) seem to have coalesced into a uniform mass[1]

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