Further notes

Regeneradores are only present in the main game and none of them are required to be defeated. Before spotting the player, Regeneradores stand in place and take distinct heavy breaths making it easy to tell if they are near. They have a very large amount of health and drop 5,000₧ upon defeat. They only approach the player by walking however, almost all encounters are in small spaces and they have very fast and somewhat ranged attacks. When fired at, their limbs can be blown off but, after a short time they regenerate back. The attacks Regeneradores use depend on which limbs they still have. There are two to five smaller parasites located on their bodies that can only been seen with the Infrared Scope. Destroying these will cause extra damage to them. It is possible to hit them without the scope and they can still be alive after loosing all the parasites or die before any get hit by doing enough damage. On Professional Mode, Regeneradores generally have all five parasites on them with one being placed on their back.

In the area with the shutters in Chapter 5-2, if the Regeneradores are alerted by sound the shutters automatically open up for them. Upon death, Regeneradores start to rumble and their upper torso will explode. This is only aesthetic, the explosion does not hurt the player.


Move "Attack value"
"Beaten"[1][2] 780 Overarm smash
"Biting"[1][2] 20x98 Lunge and neck-bite
"Pulled Biting"[1][2] 20x98 Arms stretch out to Leon, pulling him in to bite.
"Jump biting"[1][notes 1] 20x121 Springs up from the ground from playing-dead, biting Leon on the neck.

The Regeneradores have four attacks - Iron Maidens have another two unique moves - but those it deals are noticeably powerful.

With the move "Beaten", the Regenerador will come up close and smash Leon with an overhead swing of its arms, like a zombie. This has an attack value of 780 - an equivalent to 4-5 bars of damage in Professional Mode - and knocks Leon to the ground.

From the floor with a leg missing, it will extend its arms (or bounce on its stomach when legless) and grab Leon. It will then viciously bite Leon in the neck and latch on to him causing a quick-time event to throw the Regenerador off. If you don't shake it off, it will bite through Leon's jugular. This attack causes anywhere between 4 bars of damage to death in Professional Mode depending on how quickly you are able to throw the Regenerador. This makes the Regeneradores extremely dangerous.

The Regenerador can also pull bite from a distance and pull you right into it, then will start biting Leon's neck with its fang-like-teeth. A scene occurs showing you to shake off the Regenerador. How long it takes for you to push it off will depend on your health. On Professional Mode, this is a real killer; even worse than Normal. This is the strongest attack a Regenerador can give. If you are not careful, it can kill you.


Encounter Location Description
Chapter 5-1 Surgery Will walk out of the room it was seen dormant in after the player picks up the Freezer Card Key and walks toward the door.
Chapter 5-1 Stairs hallway Two will be waiting in different hall ways after the player has obtained the Freezer Card Key.
Chapter 5-1 Refrigerator room If the player picks up the Infrared Scope a scene will play were a previously frozen one drops to the floor and gets up.
Chapter 5-2 Underground Passage Two are waiting in the long hall.
Chapter 5-4 Prison One is waiting in the far left cell.



The Infrared Scope. You find this in the freezer after your encounter with the first Regenerador. However, using it isn't required, just makes killing easier

Each Regenerador carries inside it two to five leech-shaped Plagas, which are responsible for the Regeneradores' rapid regeneration system and serve as its main weaknesses. They cannot be seen with the naked eye, but have to be detected with thermal imaging. When all the Plagas are killed, the Regenerador's cells spin out of control and expand, causing the entire upper body to explode (if the legs have been removed, the creature will explode, and leave behind only its pelvis).

The number of leech-Plagas depend on the game's difficulty level; Regeneradores on Professional usually have all five Plagas, with the final Plaga being located on the back of the Regenerador and thus preventing it from being detected with frontal thermal imaging. Killing this final Plaga requires either lucky shooting or careful aiming if the player knows the exact location of the Plaga, shooting it from the front. Another strategy is to shoot the Regenerador's leg off, causing it to fall onto the ground belly-down allowing the player to shoot the back Plaga easily. This should be exercised with extreme caution, however, as if the player is too close to the Regenerador after it falls, it will leap into the air, bite Leon's neck, proceeding to viciously tear it apart, and finally (if not shaken off) kill Leon in a spectacularly gruesome death. On Professional mode, the Regenerador is nearly impossible to shake off if not at a full 10 bars of health, and if the player is in the yellow or red health area, death is unavoidable.

The leech-like Plagas can only be killed using penetrating weapons such as the rifles, magnums and possibly the Punisher although it is difficult and not recommended. Another technique is to use a shotgun, magnum, or other high power weapon to destroy one of the Regenerador's legs. If you aren't bitten by the Regenerador as it leaps through the air, you can stab it into submission with your knife while it's still on the ground. However, the Regenerador can sometimes regenerate its leg while you're stabbing it. If this happens, pull out your shotgun and do it again. It takes about two minutes to kill a downed Regenerador using only the knife

When it comes to the worst, 3 Incendiary Grenades (on Normal) will do the job. A fully customized TMP with or without stock can do the job. It also seems that, if the Regenerador simply takes enough damage, its torso will pop and it will die. 3 shots from a fully upgraded Broken Butterfly can kill the Regenerador, regardless of shot location. Also a Mine Thrower is a very capable weapon at taking out Regeneradores if you have run out of ammo. It usually takes about 7 shots depending upon factors such as difficulty and how far the mine thrower has been upgraded. If you have trouble staying away from it, try using a Flash Grenade to slow it down.

Another good and relatively inexpensive tactic (for Normal mode) is to throw one grenade and then fire 1 -2 shots with the semi-automatic rifle to the torso (center of mass is an easier target to hit therefor killing this creature quicker). This is the quickest way to kill this foe without having to spend too much ammo and upgrades. This is especially recommended to use this tactic for the "first time through" player. It is not recommended to use up any incendiary grenades due of the fact that this "creature" shakes off direct hits from these grenades.

Another good strategy if one decides to conserve ammo as much as possible is when a Regenerador makes a jump bite attack at the player, quickly avoid it by making a slight backward or sideway move, enough to avoid the bite, and quickly take position where one can knife it from the back. Although it may be tiring because the player needs to knife it many times before the it dies, the player will be able to save more ammo, especially rifle ammo which one will need to deal with Iron Maidens later on that are more difficult to knife. But this strategy is also very useful because the Regenerador will not be able to make another attack or standing up as long as the player can keep knifing its back until it is killed.


  1. 跳びかみつき (Tobi kamitsuki?) translates roughly as "biting jump", but can easily become "biting jump", instead. For the sake of consistency, this one has been chosen
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