Reimagining Leon was a Capcom staff blog published 8 May 2009. Written by Yasuhiro Seto, the director of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, it was the third in a series of some twenty-three blogs detailing the development of the game.[1]


If you watch the recent Darkside Chronicles trailer, you will see the names of some of our staff displayed at the end for a few seconds. We are a very enthusiastic team that is looking forward to bringing you a quality game. I'd like to introduce you to some of the really talented team members, hopefully illustrating some of the cool things about Darkside Chronicles along the way.

First I'd like to talk a bit about our scenario writer, Shotaro Suga.

Mr. Suga has written the scripts for some great Japanese anime such as the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series, Eureka Seven, and Darker Than Black. He has also worked here at Capcom on Devil May Cry 4 as well as Resident Evil: Degeneration.

Resident Evil: Degeneration is a story about Leon and Claire, set in 2005 after the events of Resident Evil 4. Mr Suga was the one who created an engaging drama in a rich setting which complimented the stunning CG visuals of the film.

In a previous post I explained one of our themes; that of presence (a heightened sense of reality that enhances the gameplay experience). With Darkside Chronicles we want that sense of presence to surpass what we did in Umbrella Chronicles. The scenario and all the lines of dialogue in the game play an important role in realizing this theme. I asked Mr. Suga to create a script with realistic dialogue filled with raw feeling.

The first big question we had to deal with in moving from drafts to the final scenario was how to portray Leon in this game. Since appearing in Resident Evil 2, Leon has starred in both Resident Evil 4 and the Degeneration film. Resident Evil 2 came out over 10 years ago so we wanted to re-envision Leon's first adventure taking current expectations into account rather than just copying Resident Evil 2 verbatim.

In Umbrella Chronicles, and indeed the Chronicles series as a whole, we want to revisit the true stories of the characters' motivations and intentions. Even if this isn't directly related to the gameplay, it‘s very important to focus on these things to keep the characters and world of Resident Evil appealing.

However, this was unexpectedly difficult in Leon's case. He's not as simple as Chris or Jill, definitely a tough nut to crack.

Leon was nothing but a rookie police officer when he was caught up in the Raccoon City incident. When did he change so drastically? What do you think Leon's real purpose and motivations are? Money? Love? Duty? Honor? Perhaps revenge?

Mr. Suga already has experience with Leon in writing the script for Degeneration. In re-imagining Leon's Raccoon City exploits, he has strived to create a character that is more consistent with the “resourceful special-agent” Leon we know from newer Resident Evil stories. What happened to Leon that made him choose that life?

Mr. Suga and I have gone through many revisions trying different things with Leon's character, and this process has yielded a great final scenario. The story of how Leon lives his life and the choices he makes is one of the themes I am very excited to explore with you in the Darkside Chronicles.


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