Reload (AC-005) is an Action Card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. Featured in the first set of the DBG, it is one of the more useful card's with several effects that can used to the player's advantage.


True to its name, this card allows the player to reclaim a weapon and give it ammo.

Like Deadly Aim (AC-002), the card has a Gold Cost of 50 and automatically gives the player +20 Ammo, already making it cheap and effective for plays early in the game. It also gives the player +2 Actions, like Escape from the Dead City (AC-004) which allows for easy Action stacking. Finally, there's the card's primary text effect, which allows the player to move one weapon from their Discard Plie and into their hand. This makes it invalubale in plays; seeing as how per the game's rules the player must discard all weapons, ammo, and items purchased from the Resource Area and cannot use those cards until their dicard pile recirculates into their Inventory. For any player interested in using something they just bought, this card can become a valuable asset.

The artwork on the card is taken from official artwork of Resident Evil 5, which depicts Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar gearing up fr battle.


  • Characters with additional Buys, such as the promotional Jill Valentine and Ada Wong, can easily reclaim weapons bought through their effects.
  • Its ability to stack Actions makes it an ideal component to any strategy featuring the Semi-Automatic Rifle, which gets +10 damage for every Action played.
  • With only +20 Ammo, this card and Deadly Aim are ideal Action to use wiith Handgun type weapons, which are primarily used with Leon S. Kennedy.
  • Since it does help trim down the discard pile, it comes in handy when the player is using Rebecca Chambers or Billy Coen. Alongside Shattered Memories (AC-003) it can also be an effective counter-strategy against Rebecca, who specializes in piling her own unneeded cards into other players discard piles.