Reloading is a file in Resident Evil Outbreak File 2.




Combine your firearm and the appropriate ammunition to reload. When you use this method, the weapon you are loading will automatically be equipped to save time.

You will continue reloading until the gun is full or you run out of ammo. Press the O button to cancel a reload in progress. You are not able to move while reloading.


With a firearm equipped, you can reload for as long as you hold down the L1 button. In this way, you can bepass the statue screen. Release the L1 button to stop reloading.

You must be carrying the appropriate ammunition on your person in order to reload. There are items in the game that can drastically reduce the time needed to reload. Special weapons like the Chigaco Typewriter, have unlimited ammo and do not have to reload.

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.

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