Remain Hopeful - Alyssa

Remain Hopeful - Alyssa

Remain Hopeful (Alyssa) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak. This cutscene is played in Decisions, Decisions if Alyssa Ashcroft successfully escapes Raccoon City cured of the t-Virus and carrying an extra Daylight sample. Completing the level with this ending earns the player 30 points.[1]


Alyssa: Even I've had enough
Just thinking about the column I have to write...
Ach. Getting a headache.

Gill: Are you alright?
Take this.

Alyssa: Thanks but... I'll pass.

Alyssa: さすがのあたしも、まいったわ…

Gill: 大丈夫か?

Alyssa: ありがとう…でも遠慮しとくわ


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  1. Birlew, Official Strategy Guide, p.140

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